Raising kids is tough!

Sarah | 13.06.2008 | 21:27:10 | Views: 1565

Allow me to encourage you in the important job you are doing raising your children.Raising children is the most important job anyone can do.And in keeping with the most important job, it is tough. As soon as you discover their likes and dislikes, get one issue sorted or find one strategy that works, your children go and grow and change.Constant brainstorming is needed to work out solutions to the issues that arise everyday.It's difficult, constant and tiring, physically and mentally.

Parenting requires a couple of different views on your part.The first is the everyday view.Raising children takes time, and a lot of it.Everyday is filled with all the small tasks of feeding and cleaning and helping and driving.And repeating the same rules over and over. "Don't hit your brother.It hurts him.How would you feel if he hit you?"Know that parenting will take up a lot of your day. Accepting this makes it easier to bear.

The second view is the long term view.Every time you attend to a crying child or respect your child's (reasonable) request, you are teaching your child to trust others.Every time you repeat, "Don't hit your brother," you are letting your child know what acceptable behaviour in life is.And every time you ask, "How would you feel...?" you are helping your child develop empathy. Your everyday efforts are helping to shape your child into the person they will become. A fair and just society depends on parents to bring their kids up to love others.

The third view is God's view.Try to see your child the way God sees her or him (and you).God looks at your child with absolute love, with understanding and compassion, with a desire to forgive, and a desire to teach her or him His ways.Try to see the issue from God's point of view. Try to look deeper into your child, beyond their behaviour, to see what God sees. Try to see Christ in your child, and respond accordingly.

BTW, Never be embarrassed by your kids behaviour.How your kids behave does not affect the way God sees you.

Lastly, sometimes raising kids requires help.Never be afraid or embarrassed or feel like a failure for asking for help.

Hang on to those moments when you see joy, wonder, compassion, maturity, helpfulness and any other good thing in your child.This is evidence of God's grace and of all your efforts in raising your children, all of whom are different, all of them made in the image of God.

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