Random acts of kindness - Service without admiration

Sarah | 02.01.2010 | 05:49:31 | Views: 1573
Elaine Prevallet writes…

When I was in the novitiate, in my early twenties, I decided to do one small act of kindness each day that was completely unknown to anyone. So I would keep my eyes peeled for something helpful I could do that no one would see. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was doing it for no one but God, whom I loved with a simple and quite passionate fervour. **I made beds, or turned them down. I folded clothes, I tidied. At least one a day, and no one knew. That very infinitesimal act each day gave me enormous joy.** It gave me a kind of inner excitement to do this only for God: a secret between me and God. It kept me **alert to the small needs of others;** maybe it provided spontaneity and creativity in an otherwise highly regimented situation.

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